Friday, June 22, 2007

after the horse has bolted

Went into the office today. First day back in the office after the bombings.

New York is in lockdown. Kelly has decided that the police will be doing random personal searches of everyone entering the subway at certain entrances of certain stations. Since this is entirely meaningless, this is known as "security theater" -- it's as if the police upper echelon said "We have to do something. This is something. Therefore we must do it."

Security guards in the lobby searched our bags with a scrutiny that bordered on belligerence. They have no problems yelling at top level executives to open their soft leather cases, no problem handing the contents and demanding "What is this, what is this?" for anything they can't identify at once. The executives, for their part, just take it. It's now apparently a NEW whole new world, one in which, in certain settings, the low are made high and the high made low.

Everyone is walking on eggshells except of course for Pietro, who seems filled with an enthusiasm -- a joy, even -- I've never seen in him before.

Hardly got a lick of work done, though. Too busy scanning the news feeds.

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